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Full Maisemore National Poly Hive, includes 2 supers, 1 brood box, roof, floor, crown board and queen excluder.


Note: frames and foundation to be purchased separately


Maisemore Apiaries have designed their own Polystyrene hive and hive parts made from a high density material which has good strength up to three times stronger than used for packaging. They are lightweight, cheaper and durable and have excellent insulation properties to help keep the bees warm through winter.


The polystyrene Brood Chambers and Supers have dovetail joints for easy assembling and do not require runners as they are built into the mould. They come supplied flat packed with screws for assembling or ready assembled and if you want to glue them we recommend Copydex.


They are compatible with all wooden National hive parts, frames & accessories but you cannot use a wooden roof with the polystyrene. The insides of the National Poly and National Wooden hives are exactly the same size but the external dimensions of the poly hive is 500mm square and the wooden hive is 460mm.


They can be painted (outside only) with a masonry paint or just left as they are and we also recommend to paint the inside of the feeder with the same paint because sometimes polystyrene can be porous.

Maisemore Poly Hive - Complete

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