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National Section Rack Empty Assembled


Made in Western Red Cedar for all hives. Retaining spring included.


Sections (English) are normally supplied 'in the flat' and are made up as required. The grooved with the split top type is the most popular and sometimes called the English pattern. A three sided split type is also available, often called the Irish pattern. All are 4-Beeway - the bees can access the section from all four sides.

This product, when assembled, measures 108mm x 48mm x 108mm.  Available in packs of 10 or 100.

Dampen the grooves when assembling the sections.

Dividers are placed between each row of sections preventing brace comb and ensuring an attractive level capping. Manufactured in 1mm polysterene. 4 section size are suitable for National, Langstroth, Dadant and WBC racks. The plastic dividers have the advantage of being easy to clean, no sharp edges amd more importantly, they are 'warmer' for the bees.

National Section Rack

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