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Our 6 frame poly nuc, takes frames suitable for national hives, either DN4 or DN1 frames and comes complete with side feeder.


Each nuc is made from a very high density material, 100g/litre - up to 4 times stronger than the poly used for packaging. This gives the nucs great durability, able to withstand hive tools and the usual beehive inspections. It's lightweight properties will mean it is easier to handle too - great for those bad backs!

Its insulation properties also makes it ideal for beehives as less bees are required to maintain the heat required for effective brood rearing, helps improve overwintering successes and giving you an earlier spring buildup.

No faffing around with this nuc. The base component is one piece moulded so there are no weak joints and very minimal assembly needed before you add your bees. Just give your nuc a lick of paint and screw the entrance disc to the front (supplied), then you are ready to go!

The poly nuc has a range of extra that are available separately, enabling you to convert the nuc into so much more! add an additional extension box on top to give the queen more room to lay in. Or, how about adding a queen excluder and a super so you can start collecting honey from it, without having to use a full size hive or moving them around.


Our polystyrene Nucleus Hive will hold 6 BS brood frames, for National and WBC hives, and comes complete with a built in Feeder. It has an open mesh floor to help with varroa control and to help with ventilation during transit. Comes with 4 feet to keep the hive off the ground, wooden float for the feeder, a disc entrance for easier control of the entrance and a clear coverboard for easy viewing without completely opening up the hive.


Comes in a Light Green colour. (Does not include frames)

Payne's Poly Nuc - 6 Frame (built in feeder)

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