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This innovative product comes in a 555 ml bottle featuring an integrated application-nozzle and a practical scale for easy dosing.

VarroMed® is a ready-to-use product based only on naturally occurring substances with a combination of two active ingredients – Formic acid and Oxalic acid dihydrate.

It has received a 0-days withdrawal period and it is suitable for organic beekeeping acc. EC/Regal.

VarroMed® is indicated for Varroa-treatment in Spring, late Summer / Autumn and Winter - with and without brood - for optimal Varroa control.

Especially the Spring indication helps treating Varroosis early in the season in order to avoid critical mite-levels later on.

VarroMed® has been scientifically tested in extensive field studies and different climatic conditions in Europe to prove excellent efficacy, independent of the actual weather and temperature conditions.

The product is specifically made for bees, ready-and easy-to-use and fast to apply.

VarroMed® is now available without prescription in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and UK.


  • With VarroMed ® , we provide the beekeeper with three and more points of control, meaning, spring late-summer/fall and winter. Spring Treatment breaks the build-up of mites since killing one mite in spring is equa to killing 50 in summer, which eads to the maximum mite levels in the summer to remain lower.

    VarroMed® is ready to use, simple and fast to apply in the hive without any need for preparations.

    The matrix, a liquid suspension cotaining propolis, makes distribution

  • Weather and temperatur independent

    VarroMed has been tested in different locations with a variety of climate conditions to prove its efficiency.

    With and without brood

    Application of VarroMed is possible with and without brood. This combination of ingredients have shown no negative effect on the queen or brood.

    Ready, fast and easy to use

    VarroMed comes in a 555ml bottle with a practical scale for easy dosing. No need for additional tools or equipment.

    For organic beekeeping


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