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Queen cage for brood blocking. Helpful for swarm control as the hive stays queen-right but she cannot lay thereby controlling swarming.

Its advertised from the manufacturer as a “Cage for the fight against Varroa through total blocking of brood”.

With the Var-Control Mozzato cage we obtain the total block of the queen bee's brood, in order to have greater efficiency of the anti-varroa treatments, as all the varroa present in the bee colony is exposed to the treatment.

The cage allows the confinement of the queen bee but allows the passage of worker bees. Once confined in the cage, the queen stops laying for the entire period of caging, without compromising her health.

For caging we recommend using our convenient Queen Cage .


The Cage is practical and ready for use, so as to reduce the efforts that many beekeepers are forced to make to confine the queen bee with artisanal structures.

It constitutes an ideal confinement environment for the queen bee, as it is equipped with a series of slits that allow the passage of the bees, who in this way can continue to feed and take care of the queen bee.

Its small size prevents the queen bee from laying eggs inside it

It allows you to sanitize the hives with a single anti-varroa treatment, thus saving time and money, in addition to the fact that bees do not tolerate the repetition of multiple treatments very well

Var-Control respects the original layout of the hives

It can be kept inside the hives permanently, proving useful even during the swarming period.

It is made up of several parts that are always connected, so that the beekeeper does not run the risk of losing any pieces.

Technical features

The cage is made of thermoplastic material so it is very flexible; it is equipped with two straps for easy and quick attachment to the frame.

Width 5 cm, height 7.8 cm, depth 3 cm.

Weight 18.5 gr.

QCC Cage

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